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Marreese Speights Could be Headed to Grizzlies, Xavier Henry to Hornets

Mo looking slim!
Mo looking slim!

It's been expected for the past few months that Marreese Speights was on his way out of Philadelphia after falling out of favor with pretty much everyone, but mostly coach Doug Collins. Now, Marc Stein is reporting (h/t KJ Brophy) that Speights is part of a three-team trade that would send him to the Memphis Grizzlies. The Grizz would then send Xavier Henry to the New Orleans Hornets, and the Sixers would receive two future picks. It's been confirmed by a number of other legitimate sources and is apparently just awaiting league approval.

It's likely both of those are 2nd rounders, as Mo Speights doesn't exactly merit one of New Orleans' prized first rounders. Memphis was always the likeliest location, especially after Darrell Arthur went down for the season, and they didn't go away even when they brought in Dante Cunningham. He could actually get some minutes there, and between him and Zach Randolph, the potential for hilarity is at a danger level of high.

Update: Bob Cooney reports one of the picks is Memphis's 2nd rounder this year, provided they don't finish in the bottom four, which they won't. Both of those picks should be rather close to each other, which is always fun. New Orleans sends us their 2013 2nd round pick, which still figures to be a good one, seeing as they'll still be fairly terrible.

Gut reaction is, well, I'd rather have gotten Xavier Henry out of this, but it's essentially getting something for nothing as Mo has been riding the pine for most of the last two seasons. I'm in love with draft picks, so stockpiling them (even with the future possibility of inching up a couple picks in the first round) is always a good thing. What this says for "Speezy Sez" remains to be seen, but you can be sure I'll check in with Straight Outta Vancouver about passing the Speezy torch to them.

Mo's reaction on Twitter?


What are your thoughts? Could we have gotten more? Is it better to just ditch him for anything we could get? Will Boosie ever be freed? How good are naps in Memphis? Tell me!

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