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Sixers @ Hornets Game Preview

The Sixers will finally end their five game west coast roadie to start the season tonight against the slightly less west New Orleans Hornets. They'll be looking to finish 3-2 on the road trip, which is quite likely because Chris Paul will not be playing. Nor will David West. I think David Wesley and P.J. Brown are questionably at best. On that note, let's bring in Hornets expert, rocket scientist (you think I'm joking), minority and Demi Lovato enthusiast, Rohan Cruyff from At The Hive to tell me things. I'll be going over to Rohan's house tonight to watch this game (on delay). Anticipate violence and nachos. Take it away, Rohan!

The Hornets suck this year because of basketball reasons that make basketball sense (ha ha, synergy). [ed. note: !!!]

If Chris Paul was playing for the (Donny-adjusted) just as evil half of Los Angeles right now, the Hornets would be sending out a starting lineup of Jarrett Jack - Kevin Martin - Lamar Odom - Luis Scola - Emeka Okafor tonight. That's a group that probably challenges for the playoffs, Odom's current offensive rating of 69 notwithstanding.

Instead, we have a much... different group of guys. A couple games ago, the Hornets shot a franchise record low 29% from the floor (missing, if I remember this correctly and I probably don't because of the slamming my head against a brick wall section of the evening, 87 threes in a row). Then, the very next game, Jarrett Jack had eight turnovers, the majority of which occurred in the half court as he was calling out plays. Eric Gordon has been out and New Orleans still plays very solid defense under Monty Williams, which makes this all marginally less disturbing, but still. If you don't win this game, you're doing it wrong.

For New Orleans, this season is all about finding out if Monty's defense and Eric Gordon are legit and, due to the rest of the roster, less so about winning. It's also about hopefully "having an owner," but, haha, let's not get THAT CRAZY.

So the Nawlins Hawnets are pretty much the must turmoilistic team in the league. Without a ton of high upside talent (I'm not a huge Al-Farouq Aminu believer), the team is banking on two high lottery picks to become relevant within the next four years. Could be fun and/or terrible to watch. For tonight at least, I'm hoping for an overdue monster game from Jrue Holiday.

Jason Smith! Trey Johnson! Greivis Vasquez! SUPERSTAR TREVOR ARIZA!


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