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Around The Web: The Compelling Sixers, And Allen Iverson

Cool pic, bro.
Cool pic, bro.

Sandwiched between last night's win over Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic and tomorrow night's game against Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls comes an off day for the 15-6 Philadelphia 76ers.

Outside of Doug Collins addressing the shouting match he appeared to have with Evan Turner at the conclusion of last night's game, and a pick up game involving injured centers, Nikola Vucevic and Spencer Hawes, it's a fairly quiet day as far as Sixers news is concerned.

Luckily, there were two excellent pieces, with connections to the Sixers, published by prominent writers today. The first comes from Bomani Jones via SB Nation on Allen Iverson, and the second from Bethelehem Shoals, aka @freedarko, on why the Sixers are "the NBA's most compelling team".

Bomani on Iverson:

The city he played in, Philadelphia, loved him for his passion. His teams won. He brought home scoring titles, led his team to six playoff series victories and dragged a motley crew of role players to the NBA Finals. And, for better or worse, he brought his people with him. No matter how silly it was to support dozens of people, or how selfishly Iverson handled his role in a team sport, he'd reached places that once seemed impossible for him.

Shoals on the Sixers:

... I have no idea if Philly will be a force in the playoffs, but I know that these Sixers are intensely, irresistibly, watchable. At this moment. Whatever that means.

Shoals has an incredible way with words and makes me feel like the Sixers are something more than just a basketball team. I highly recommend giving both a read.

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