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Old School Philadelphia 76ers Anthem Is Back

Since taking over, the Sixers owners have been doing and saying all the right things, from slashing ticket prices to getting rid of the 'Hip Hop' mascot. Unlike previous ownership the new group is about as in touch with the fans as owners can be these days, and very accessible on Twitter. One of the first things they did as owners was open up a permanent suggestion box at At first I was hesitant of the idea and thought it was all for show, but fan suggestions have been coming into fruition more often than not.

The latest change ownership has decided to implement will debut during this Friday's home game against the Charlotte Bobcats. It's the return of the old school Sixers theme song! I'm not sure when this song was popular, but I'm guessing the 80's, by the sounds of it. According to the press release, this was indeed another suggestion from fans, and based on the feedback I've seen on Twitter, this small addition has fans pretty excited.

Listen to the full version of the song here.

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