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Talking Sixers with The 700 Level

And an uncalled foul on LeBron caught on camera.
And an uncalled foul on LeBron caught on camera.

Andrew Unterberger, who also scribbles for The Basketball Jones, digitally sat me down for an interview a few days ago and it's now up on The 700 Level. Andrew asks some pretty great questions which I think got some decent responses I kind of wasn't expecting to give.

Here's an excerpt from the full article:

Did you like their off-season strategy of basically just getting the band back together?

For what they're trying to do, it was absolutely the right move. They're all about continuity and chemistry and all of those buzz words. So keeping the team together was integral to their continued success. But in terms of a championship, no, I still don't think this team is anywhere close to contending, even though I may be leaning the other way more than I was last time we spoke.

And an early prediction...

So I know it's still early, but you called it perfectly last year—what do you think of the team's post-season prospects? Will they win a first-round series, at least?

I've been really going back and forth on it because I'm so blown away that Boston and New York aren't better. But if I had to guess, I really think that Boston will win the division. Maybe it's just history telling me things I can't un-hear. But in spite of their oldness, I can't imagine they don't make a big run at the division. Either way, I'm penciling the Sixers around 3-4-5 seed and a playoff win.

You're giving them the win?

‪Yeah, I say they get it this year. But then they'll run into Miami or Chicago and get steamrolled. And, just like last year, people will scream for improvement and no trades/improvements/anythings will happen.

Head over there to check out the full article. It's pretty long so you may want to wear some protection, but the 700 Level is basically royalty so any time we get a chance to talk to them, I'm excited.

Also, last year I perfectly called finishing in the 7th seed and losing 4-1 in the first round against the Heat. I forgot about that until Andrew reminded me. Cool.

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