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The Ultimate Sports Social Media Job Contest

With the increasing relevance and dependence on social media in all aspects of life, but most importantly (to us), sports - it's gotten to the point where if you're not on Twitter, you'll be the last to find out about breaking news. Since Liberty Ballers trends extremely young, we've got a pretty awesome opportunity for some of you to become our partner XFINITY's social media voice for the biggest sporting events in the coming year.

The contest is called "Xfinity Presents: The Ultimate Sports Social Media Job" and goes from January 13th
til March 25th. The winner gets awarded a one-year salary, all the electronics for the ultimate sports
pad your little heart desires, and will basically run the @XFINITYSports Twitter handle on a daily basis. A huge chance for all you youngin's minus a job to get started on a sports and/or social media career.

Here are the deets:
From now until February 6, you can log on to and submit a :30-2:00 short video on
the "Ultimate Sports Social Media Job" tab that shows why you are the smartest, most knowledgeable, tech savvy, and passionate candidate that makes you a perfect fit for this job. The best submissions will get major love on the XFINITY Facebook page for fans to vote on from February 9th to the 19th. The top 5 will move on to the final round where they'll get to actually cover a national sporting event the weekend of March 8th-11th. Then judges evaluate the performance and the winner gets announced at the end of March.

Check out and click on the Ultimate Sports Social Media Job contest
tab for more details and rules. The deadline for video entries is February 6th, so make sure you get your friends together to make a stupid video and bring some damn credibility to LB. Big ups to XFINITY for embracing sports social media and giving you guys a shot at a pretty awesome career boost.

I bet not as many people will apply for this as you think, so if you've got the ability to shoot a short film with a clever hook that gets the message across that you're essentially the best, I say go for it. And also, let us know that you did because we're your family and are interested in all most of your endeavors. Good luck!

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