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Week 3 NBA Power Rankings: Sixers Still Rising

The Philadelphia 76ers first real "test" came in Madison Square Garden last week against the Knicks, which they lost. Yes, they were playing their third game in three nights, but I thought for sure the NBA scribes would point and say "See, the Sixers aren't for real!" and would plummet in the power rankings. Not so fast my friends.

Make the jump to find out where the 9-3, first place Philadelphia 76ers rank in the major media power rankings. (If I missed any significant power rankings feel free to drop them in the comments).

John Schuhmann, - 4th (2nd in East)

The Sixers have won eight out of nine, with the only loss coming on the third night of a back-to-back-to-back when they were clearly out of gas. But Indiana has been the best team they faced in that stretch and was missing Danny Granger and George Hill. This week, they've got the Nuggets and Heat.

Tom Ziller, SB Nation - 4th (2nd in East)

The Sixers will fall back to Earth in efficiency differential and margin of victory once the schedule toughens up, but you have to respect what the team has done to date. Even if much of it is against teams like the Wizards.

Chris Sheridan, Sheridan Hoops - 3rd (2nd in East)

Their one loss last week came on the tail end of a back-to-back-to-back. They are ranked No. 3 in points per game, No. 2 in points allowed and No. 1 in point differential (15.2). They have seven, count ‘em, seven, players averaging in double figures, and Jodie Meeks may make it eight if he can replicate his 10-for-11, 26 point outburst from Friday against the Wizards. Of their next 11 games, 10 are at home, where they are undefeated. Question: At what point to the fickle fans in Philly take a genuine liking to these guys?

John Hollinger, ESPN - 1st (1st in the East)

Composite: 3rd (1.8 in East)

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