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Sixers 2012 Attendance: Get Your Butts to the Wells Fargo Center!

13,402. That's the average attendance of Sixers home games this season, ranking 29th in the NBA. The Pistons are the only franchise who averages less fans per game. The Bucks, the league-owned Hornets, the WIZARDS, Hawks, Nets, Raptors, Cavs and Bobcats all sell more tickets than the 76ers.

The Sixers have made the playoffs three of the past four seasons. Through 12 games they currently sit comfortably atop the Atlantic Division and second overall in the Eastern Conference with a 9-3 record. Minutes-adjusted, they are the fourth youngest team in the NBA, and statistically, the best team. They play hard. They play beautiful team basketball ("That's basketball, folks!") They have the #NightShift, awesome new owners and a re-vamped game presentation ... along with slashed ticket prices!


I understand the sentiment that "well, once they prove they're good people will start going," but whether or not (not!) they're championship contenders, they're a good basketball team – I think we can all agree on that – and they're thrilling to watch. Fans have no excuse not to attend Sixers games. The Phillies aren't playing, the Eagles aren't playing and the Sixers are one of the best teams in the NBA thus far.

However; I will say – although small – the crowds have seemed more lively and energetic this season than in seasons' past. It doesn't hurt that the Sixers have slaughtered every home opponent. (P.S. before you get on me for being a hypocrite and not attending Sixers games myself, I'm a poor, just-graduated college student, in desperate search of a real job, living in Las Vegas. I'd be at every home game if I could, trust me).

I understand they've only played five home games, and only one was against a team over .500 (the Pacers), so I'll give us, as Sixers fans, a get out of jail free card ... for now. But moving forward, I want to see more butts in the Wagon!

Side note: The Sixers rating on Comcast are "way up", according to SBN Philly, so that's a start.

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