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Another Wizards Treat Tonight

Last night's "game" didn't exactly test the mettle of the Sixers coming off a tough loss to the Knicks. Tonight, they'll meet the Wizards once again in the Capitol after making them looks like Squibs only a few hours earlier. Whether or not the 1-10 Wiz will be "out for vengeance" depends largely on how seriously the Sixers take this game and how John Wall plays.

Under Doug Collins, the Sixers haven't fallen asleep on teams except the occasional game when a 40-point lead lazily evaporated. It doesn't seem like these terrible-shooting Washingtons will have much of a chance against a surprisingly good Sixers defense. Especially when Jodie Meeks has games like he did last night (10-11 shooting, 6 three's), there's no way for another team to stop the train that has somehow become the Philadelphia 76ers.

If anything, the matchup between Jrue Holiday and Wall is another one to watch. Jrue still hasn't played as well as he was expected to and Wall has been a whisper the whole season. Both of these guys looking to break out against each other should be a fun(ner) thing than last night's meh-fest. What else is worth looking forward to in tonight's game? How does 9-3 sound?

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