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Evan Turner's New Jump Shot Through 10 Games

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Much has been made of Evan Turner's previously ugly jump shot and the work he did with Hall of Fame shooting coach Herb Magee this summer. Earlier this year our own Derek Bodner analyzed the mechanics of ET's new-look jumper during the pre-season. His form was clearly improving.

Regardless, the mechanics of the [new] jump shot are visible. His balance is good, feet are shoulder width apart, and he goes up straight. His strong hand is at a 90 degree angle and his off hand is on the left hand side of the ball, giving him much better follow through and rotation on his ball.

And Turner was seeing results.

Turner averaged 14.5 points on 44.4% from the field in his two preseason games, shooting 7-15 on jump shots beyond 10 feet, including a three pointer.

Now that we're 10 games into the regular season, has Turner's improved form continued to pay dividends? The early returns say no. Turner's field goal percentage on the season is 47 – up from 43 last season – but let's take a look at the breakdown in shot locations.

At Rim

2011 - 1.5 attempts (65%)

2012 - 2.4 attempts (96%)

3-9 Feet

2011 - 0.9 attempts (37%)

2012 - 0.8 attempts (63%)

10-15 Feet

2011 - 1.2 attempts (38%)

2012 - 1.8 attempts (33%)

16-23 Feet

2011 - 2.7 attempts (37%)

2012 - 3.2 attempts (28%)

Three Pointers

2011 - 0.6 attempts (32%)

2012 - 0.9 attempts (0%)

Small sample size indeed, but thus far Turner's reworked jumper has yet to produce positive results. These numbers may be slightly skewed as it appears Turner is taking more shots off the dribble this year, as opposed to spot up situations.

The good news is, his form does, in fact, look better, which should result in more makes throughout the course of the season. Also, not only has Turner improved on finishes at the rim, both his free throw rate and And1% are up from a year ago. Improvement!

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