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2012 Philadelphia 76ers Player Previews

Going through each of the 2012 Sixers players except for the ones that don't matter.

Will Arnett Moultrie crack the rotation this year?

The top twelve players in the Sixers' rotation figure to play an important role in the team's success this season. And then there's Arnett Moultrie.

Avenging Mr. 500: Lavoy Allen in 2012

What to expect in 2012-2013 from the only man to whom ESPN issued a public apology.

Nick Young In Philly: Who's Excited For Some Swag?

He didn't invent Swag, but he perfected it. What can we expect from Nick Young in Philly?

Royal Ivey: Part Deux

What if Royal Ivey had to write a cover letter?

Where does Dorell Wright fit this year?

Edin Bavcic, you will be missed.

Sixers Player Preview: Kwame Brown

More than a decade into Kwame Brown's mystifying NBA career, the beleaguered center arrives in Philadelphia. What can we expect from him? Well.

Sixers Player Previews: Thaddeus Young

Over the past 2 seasons, Thaddeus Young has had a consistent role as a spark off the bench. Can that change with the acquisition of Andrew Bynum?

2012 Sixers Player Preview: Jason Richardson

The forgotten man in the Andrew Bynum trade could find himself playing a major part in this Sixers team this year and beyond.

Player Preview: Maalik Wayns

The 76ers do not have much depth at the point guard position. Will Maalik Wayns be able to see meaningful minutes?

Player Preview: Jrue Holiday

With the acquisition of Andrew Bynum, the 76ers need someone to step up and be his Robin. Jrue Holiday is the most likely candidate.

Player Preview: Evan Turner

Who else did you think we'd start with?

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