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SBNation NBA 2015: Andre, Thad Sitting Pretty, Turner Low

The sirs of basketballing on SB Nation (namely Tom Ziller, Mike Prada, and Andrew Sharp) have been compiling a list of the Top 99 players in the NBA come the year 2015. Now, it's unclear as to whether or not they're figuring the end of the world into the calendar, but based on the level of respect I have for these guys, I'm going to guess these are the top 99 who haven't perished in the John Cusack Explosion.

So let's check in with where our Sixers have ranked so far.

98. Evan Turner

Maybe he won't be a superstar, but with his ability to make an impact in so many different areas, there's no reason he can't be an elite role player for years to come.

Could reasonably agree.

Collins is a good coach, but even he can't protect Turner from the demons that will engulf Philly when DeMarcus Cousins and Greg Monroe become NBA MVP candidates and E.T. is tweeting about chick flicks and flirting with 10-10-10 triple-doubles.

While I can't ever imagine not being entertained my Evan's chick flick tweets, the mere mention of NBA MVP candidacy for Cousins and Monroe makes Future Mike's ears bleed. That's rather Riddikulus(!) of you Mr. Ziller and, if I may say so, significantly hometown-y. Also, if Evan isn't a better player than Rodney Stuckey (#82), I'm chokeslamming somebody.

Click through for where other Sixers rank thus far.

68. Thaddeus Young

I would take Young over Rudy Gay right now ... without considering contracts. Now consider that Young might end up signing for about half of what Gay did.

Young could potentially be much more than a sixth man. Even if he isn't, though, the value of bringing that kind of matchup problem off the bench is invaluable. Good NBA teams need that player who can change the game, and Young can absolutely change games.

I've been historically torn with Thad over the past calendar year. On the one hand, yes, he's 22 and in 2015, he'll be (quick math quick math quick math).....four or so years older than 22. The strengths in his game are clear, but I feel that because we've watched him more, we know what he can't do more than his hype-generators know what he can. He could be a complete package by then, but without significant improvements to the key parts of his game that are lacking, this ranking seems generous to me.

65. Paul George


60. Andre Iguodala

This would be low for now, but in a few years I can see him hanging around here as a 3rd option on a very good team. Here's what the dudes said about him.

He's among the very best wing defenders in the game; he might actually be the No. 1 in that realm overall. But his offense is still underwhelming and incomplete, and it's clear by now that it's unlikely to get much better. Iguodala's usage rate actually sunk under 20 percent last year, unheard of for star players.

The 76ers have had plenty of time to appreciate Iguodala and haven't done well enough.

I agree with both of these things. If Andre is still a Sixer by 2015 (or the year 2045), it'll be like the last season of Scrubs (the one with Aziz and no JD) drawn out over a lifetime. I can't see that being possible in any realm, unless we're in LOST and if we are, I'm changing the channel.


It's pretty clear that unless this brain trust is crushing wicked hard on Jodie Meeks, the only possible Sixer left is Jrue Holiday. I'd guess he's looking at a low 50s-high 40s spot, though I'd be prone to nudge him closer to 35. It's all arbitrary especially with the high schoolers listed, but it's always fun to see where other knowledgeable people outside of our fanbase slot our talent. I don't know if they're fully versed in Jrue's Fruity Pebbles prowess, because that buys him at least a few steps up the list for sheer health benefits alone.

Where do you see Jrue? Do you agree with the Thad/Andre/Turner rankings? Why did I spell Riddikulus like that? BOSS?

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