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NBA Blog Previews - Friends of the Southwest

Just because the NBA season won't be starting until at least December doesn't mean we're going to be slacking with the blog previews. Jeff over at Celtics Blog is doing what he do collecting some team previews from all around the internet, and we're starting off with the Southwest Division.

Southwest Division Previews

Here's some question fodder that will probably go nowhere. If you had to take one player from any of these teams that made less than 7 million last season not named Marc Gasol, who would you take? Roddy Buckets? DeJuan Blair? Kyle Lowry? OJ Mayo? XAVIER HENRY? I'd probably take Hasheem Feed Me Rappers Or Feed Me Thabeet, mostly because I'm a flat sucker for potential, even if it's ludicrously under-developed. Bring on the laughter.

It's been too long since I said Za-Vee-Ay.

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