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Contract the Sixers? Nuh-Uh.

This picture came up when I searched "contraction". I find it to be fitting.
This picture came up when I searched "contraction". I find it to be fitting.

The talent pool in the NBA is, let's be honest, a little thin at the ends of a few benches and some in the starting five (Keith Bogans, Willie Green, et al). This, combined with the lockout, has people talking CONTRACTION. And Nugget Nate from Denver Stiffs has gathered the thoughts and dreams of our SB Nation Basketball Brethren as to why our respective teams shouldn't suffer contraction. After Nate explained to me he wasn't referring to this, I answered so:

It would be anarchy in Philadelphia. Even non-Sixers fans would grunge up their Seattle SuperSonics hipsterness and Philly can once again feel treated like the ugliest stepsister of New York (uglier than Boston!) - something we haven't been able to feel since the Phils won the Series in 2008 (and again in 2011). Let the Santa Claus Booers reign again.

Check out the full piece over at Denver Stiffs, where you'll probably feel especially spiteful about the Celtics response. I remember Dweeb a few months ago talked about the possibility of the Sixers leaving Philadelphia - do you still think it's a possibility? I don't think there's a chance, but it's not like people currently give a crap. And the Lockout is certainly not helping matters.

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