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Derek Fisher Equates Jrue Holiday to Dwight Howard; And Some Other Stuff

In the Lockout, when NBA Players Association President Derek Fisher talks, people stop and listen. When he mentions Jrue Holiday, we post it on here. That's how it works.

If you've been following along with the proceedings, last go-around with the players and owners didn't work out so well. The absence of a season is a very real possibility and with that comes the casually dismissed idea that these guys that like to play NBA basketball will not be playing NBA basketball for a year. This naturally leads to a desire for fast negotiations and ants-in-the-pants natural born ballers. D-Fish is clearly a bit concerned that, with the nudging of their agents, some sphincters are tightening faster than others, so he sent a letter to the NBAPA constituents.

Click through to see some snips.

I've made it clear, I want to play. You have each made it clear, you want to play. The fans have been unwavering, they want their basketball.

So if there is a genuine concern, a suggestion, a question, call me. Email me. Text me. I'm working tirelessly each and every day on behalf of the over 400 players that they represent. Working for nothing but the best interests of THEIR guys. I don't make a commission, I don't make a salary for serving as President. I have NO ulterior motives. None.

I work every day on these negotiations. I work so that each player from Blake Griffin to Tyler Hansbrough, Pau Gasol to De'Andre Jordan, Dwight Howard to Jrue Holiday (editors note: !), Taj Gibson to Danny Granger, Steve Nash to Luke Babbit and every single player get a fair and reasonable deal.

Read the entire letter here. There's got to be some conflict of interest with Fisher both wanting what's best for himself and the future of this league but at the same time - damn, he just wants to play some ball. Either way, I just like the Jrue love so hugs and handpounds for that. And I give you my full permission to read into this as proof that Dwight is going to be wearing a Sixers jersey in the near future. Indisputable.

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