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Favorite Sixers Moments Ev, Starring the Phillies, Eagles, and not the Flyers

Remember long ago when NBA players actually played basketball in the NBA? Me neither. But apparently it happened at one point and there were some moments worth remembering. It's strange to think that we haven't missed anything but the Summer League because it feels like basketball is so far from being played that we may as well be blogging about Ultimate Frisbee (Ed. Note: Frolfers, should I have capitalized U(u)ltimate F(f)risbee? Proper nouns and such.).

In lieu of watching NBA basketball, the next best thing to do would be to talk about our favorite moments over the years and, specifically, since this is a Sixers blog and all, those relating to our beloved Seventy-Sixers. So pull out those pensieves, tap your wand to your hair and let us relive those blessed grainy videos of a better time.

To be completely frank with you, I decided to write this post after watching the Matt Stairs Moon Shot video for what has to be the three millionth time. Since most of us are fans of all three Philly teams and pre-1997 hockey, it makes sense to straddle multiple sports, not just basketball. I'll kick us off after the jump.

(Keep in mind this is things that I've seen in my lifetime. So no Wilt's 100-point game or Dr. J rocking the cradle.)

Eagles - Donovan's 14-second roll out and subsequent 60-yard bomb to Freddie Mitchell against the Cowboys on Monday Night Football in 2004. Fred-Ex's "Watch and Belt" dance made it at least four times as awesome. 4th-and-26 gets the love, but that was more of a lapse in defense. This play was all Donovan and vintage Freddie. Love.

Phillies - Obviously, the Matt Stairs 2-run home run off Jon Broxton in Game Four of the 2008 NLCS to put the Phils up 7-5. Closely followed up by the epic post game "ass-hammer", I've never gone from inconsolably depressed to maniacally ecstatic any quicker in my life.

Sixers - Gotta be the Allen Iverson/Tyronn Lue step-over in Game One of the 2001 NBA Finals. Allen was the Sixers for basically my whole life. He was all I knew. This play, and even more what happened after this play, embodied his whole career. I, an 11-year-old with an AI jersey that still probably wouldn't fit me, knew we were about to beat the Lakers. (SPOILER ALERT FOR THE 10-YEAR COMATOSE) They didn't.

Give me your top moments. The ones where you remember who you were with (parents and two siblings), where you were (parents house), what you were wearing (green Jevon Kearse jersey), and what you were eating (steak sandwiches). That's what we've got to cling to in these troubled times. Rec the ones you like, especially the ones that reference Sharone Wright, Na Brown, and Wayne Gomes. Have at it.

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