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Spencer Hawes Takes Shot at David Stern

"Don't miss the bear." Well, Sixers soft-chew cookie center Spencer Hawes went right for the jugular. The Lockout isn't making anybody happy, and with the players and owners so far away in the negotations, Stern's asking of the players to take a pay cut isn't going over too well. A frustrated Spence took to Twitter to express his feelings about his formerly-beloved commissioner, David Stern.

23 million a year for stern huh. Weird no rumblings about a pay cut for the commish while he asks every single player to do so.

I'm not saying Spence is wrong, but going after the commissioner publicly is never a great idea. Providing basketball does get played again somewhere in the world someday, Stern will be in a position of power and if Hawes throws an innocent elbow at, say, Kevin Garnett, expect the fine and suspension to tip the scale towards "Don't Mess With The Bull, Boy." 

Thoughts on Spencer's comments? Ideas on how to pass the time during the lockout? What's everybody having for dinner? Miss yous.

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