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Keeping up with ESPN's Rankings of NBA Players

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As of a few days ago three Sixers had showed up on ESPN's ranking of every NBA player, including recently drafted Lavoy Allen, who ranked dead last on the list. Now the list had made its way to #361 and two more Sixers have appeared. First round draft pick Nikola Vucevic comes in at #391 and veteran-y Tony Battie comes in at #362. They join aforementioned Lavoy Allen at #500, Antonio Daniels at #400 and Craig Brackins at #354.

That leaves 12 Sixers or former Sixers who suited up for Philly last season. Where will Elton Brand, Spencer Hawes, Jrue Holiday, Jason Kapono, Jodie Meeks, Andres Nocioni, Andre Iguodala, Darius Songalia, Marreese Speights, Evan Turner, Louis Williams and Thaddeus Young rank? Make your predictions in the comments and see my prediction after the jump.

We should be able to get a good idea where the best five Sixers will rank based on the very respectabl top 100 lists put together by Sports Illustrated and CBS Sports earlier this summer. However; those lists were put together by a handful of bloggers whom opinions I greatly respect. ESPN's rankings on the other hand were voted on by 91 "experts" – some of whom I know have watched no more than five Sixers games in the previous two years, along with many other neglected teams. Therefore I expect their rankings to reflect the "mainstream" opinion, meaning lower rankings for relative unknowns like Jrue Holiday. After all, the Sixers don't have a guy who scores 20 points per game.

With that said here's where I expect some notable Sixers to rank (not necessarily where I think they should rank):

Elton Brand: 65-75

Spencer Hawes: 200-ish

Jrue Holiday: 85-95

Jodie Meeks: 180-ish

Andre Iguodala: 35-45

Marreese Speights: 287

Evan Turner: 150-160

Louis Williams: 105-115

Thaddeus Young: 90-100

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