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Where Do the Sixers Rank on Top NBA Players Lists?

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Earlier today we saw where Antonio Daniels (400), Craig Brackins (454) and Lavoy Allen (500) ranked on ESPN's ranking of all 500 NBA players. Since ESPN's rankings are only a day old we're a ways away from the always-controversial ranking of Andre Iguodala, along with other noteworthy Sixers. However; other notable sports powerhouses like Sports Illustrated and CBS Sports are either well into their rankings (top 100), or finished. 

The SI and CBS lists were put together by well-respected guys like Zach Lowe (SI), Ben Goliver, Matt Moore and Royce Young. These are some of the best minds in the NBA blogosphere as far as I'm concerned, so the credibility of these rankings are high, in case you had any doubts. So, where do the Sixers players rank? Make the jump.

Sports Illustrated 

95. Louis Williams

82. Thaddeus Young

74. Jrue Holiday

50. Elton Brand

30. Andre Iguodala

CBS Sports

82. Jrue Holiday

62. Elton Brand

31. Andre Iguodala


Surprisingly I don't have any major beef with either list's rankings. Some Sixers fans have been saying on Twitter that Jrue should be higher, but I don't think he's there yet. At least we can all agree that Iguodala – who'll probably be a former Sixer after the lockout – deserves to be in or around the top 30.

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