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ESPN Ranks Sixers Lavoy Allen as Worst NBA Player

The NBA writers at ESPN unveiled what looks to be a lengthy rollout of their rankings of every NBA player, from 500-1. Yesterday they revealed players 401-500. Today they're revealing players 391-400 LIVE on, and it appears they plan to reveal 10 players each day, meaning we're still at least 40 days away from the top 10. How exciting! Welcome to month 1.5 of the NBA lockout everyone!

Three Sixers have already shown up on the ESPN rankings, meaning we have three players in the bottom 100 of the NBA. Antonio Daniels, who barely qualifies as a Sixer, comes in at #400. Craig Brackins comes in at #454 and should be at least four spots higher, because he's a boxer now. (Brackins also keeps busy during the lockout by watching All That, Rugrats, Cousin Skeeter, Doug and Hey Arnold).

And last, but well ... literally ranked dead last is Sixers 2011 second round draft pick, Lavoy Allen. Allen is a local kid from Temple. The worst player in the league – according to ESPN – has resorted to selling an "authentic Sixers jersey that they gave me at the press conference" on Twitter. Bidding starts at $150. Bid at your own risk, because I will not lose out on this gem. I'll mount it on my bedroom wall, directly between my Jeff Kent 8x10 and Louis Williams shirsey.

Happy lockout!

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