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Sixers sale could be finalized within days

As reported by both and our own SBN Philly, the sale of the Philadelphia Sixers to the ownership group headed by Joshua Harris, David Blitzer, and Jason Levien could be finalized as early as tomorrow (July 8th), and in all likelihood is no further than a week away.  The sale would then be pending league approval.

I have corroborated this timeline with a separate source with knowledge of the situation.  

This would end month long speculation about the sale of the Philadelphia Sixers, which has been described as imminent virtually since the rumors surfaced.  The sale would have far reaching effect on the Sixers, from how the new owners will operate the team down to potential front office changes.  The new owners could obviously be handcuffed in personnel changes they could make, as the league is still in what looks to be a lengthy lockout.

More info as it becomes available.

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