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Happy Independence Day from Your Favorite 76ers!


Even though the Lockout has forged an impenetrable wall between the owners and the players (except Chris Bosh's wedding, of course), Twitter still allows us to receive best wishes from our heroes during joyous occasions. Like today, for example, which is the 4th of July unless you're reading this tomorrow or any subsequent days after today in this calendar year. So here are the Sixers players' Happy 4th of July Tweets to all you patriotic nuggets out there:

Spencer Hawes

Fireworks r rockin. Bald eagles r flying. America is celebrated. Couldn't be more happy. . .

Thaddeus Young

Just landed .... Six flags tomorrow

Andres Nocioni

Les dejo mi blog!!!

Evan Turner

Which side of the house is the best side to put the porch?

Craig Brackins

Man this faber vs Cruz fight is intense!!! But I got Cruz!!!

Lavoy Allen

Space Jam is on!!!!!

Louis Williams

@TeamLou23's Tweets are protected.

Marreese Speights

I am feeling good about going to Vegas at the end of the month

Happy 4th of July everyone! Go out and enjoy some Dong Dogs in memory of our favorite Donger.

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