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Depression Thread: Say You Miss Me Too

So, this sucks. Even though offseason news would normally be at a premium this time of year, there would be something to track and argue about that didn't involve a dollar sign. The Lockout is grinding away at the very fiber of this site. Every time I think about posting something, a miniature David Stern crawls up onto my laptop, up my arm, over my shoulder, and slaps me in the face. It's pretty damn discouraging.

But I miss you guys. I don't like seeing the site hollow and empty for days at a time. Bums me out. So I encourage all of you to help the four of us out because without any tangible good news, our real lives are taking precedence over the blog - how terrible! I urge you to take to the fanposts and generate some good material for us to front page and busy up the site a bit. We'd certainly appreciate the action. Perchance you'd consider it an audition to join the four of us on the masthead as an LB blogmaster. Just a thought.

Just to clue you in on some housekeeping stuff, there's an SB Nation conference in Las Vegas in a couple weeks that I'll be attending. We'll talk everything from what the network can do better for us to how much should we have to put up with before banning somebody. If you guys have any suggestions on changes you'd like to see made around here or other SBN sites, email me or leave thoughts in the comments. Oh, we'll also be drinking copiously down and around the Strip. You don't know how wild it gets when you cram a bunch of bloggers into one room. Debauchery, I promise you.

Anyway. This didn't have much to do with anything. I hope you all are taking the lockout better than I am and that your lives are going smoothly without our comforting pats on the back by way of blog post. Take this opportunity to fill us in on any new life developments (Any lawyer talk, Dweeb?) or philosophical theorems (lockout=funfetti cake=lockout) in the comments. Also tell us how much you miss us because we need that kind of validation from time to time.

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