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Sixers Day in the Lockout Life: Spencer Hawes

The NBA Lockout has thrown a big fat wrench into the everyday lives of these normal, no-different-than-us millionaires. Luckily, I have exclusive access to the daily schedules of these Sixers players for the entirety of this No Basketball Association. I released the Marreese Speights schedule yesterday. Today, we'll look at the man starting in front of him, Spencer Hawes.

5:30 am - Rise and Grind.

5:35 am - Begin the intricate process of quaffing hair.

9:04 am - Settle for hair looking "just okay" and eat some Cracklin' Oat Bran

9:30 am - Be really Republican.

10:00 am - Do intense pool workout. Picture below.


More Spencer after the jump!

2:00 pm - Get out of the pool to see 6 missed calls from Tony Battie. Don't call him back.

2:45 pm - Play Call of Duty with Quincy Pondexter and Nate Robinson. Talk smack over the headset.

4:04 pm - Water plants. Pose.


6:30 pm - Make potroast. Give the leftovers to Ron Artest.

8:19 pm - Practice belly dancing. First put on customary Spanish belly dancing attire.

10:11 pm - Start to watch Mariners game.

10:17 pm - Fall asleep when Mariners go down 5-0 early.

Quite a schedule for Spencer! Hopefully he finds a time to play some basketball in there, otherwise Mr. 10-Year-Player himself (Nikola Vucevic according to our lame duck front office) will step into his starting spot.

UPDATE: From the man himself: "throw in actually working out and picking up an obscene amount of exploding airborne projectiles for the 4th. " - Spencer Hawes

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