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NBA Schedules to be Released Today

We have no other pictures to use.
We have no other pictures to use.

The NBA offseason has thus far been less interesting than listening to a LOST podcast (bring on the hate). But today we get to have something slightly more interesting but just as futile: the NBA 2011/12 schedule!

Aren't you just thrilled at the prospect of finding out who the Sixers won't be facing come late October? Does the impending Christmas Day lack of a matchup between Shaq and Kobe make your bones tingle? How about the much-anticipating rivalry brewing between the Sixers and *INSERT TEAM RIVAL HERE*?

Well get excited because at 2PM Eastern Standard Time, we're gonna get ourselves a look at some matchups. Whether any of those actually happen is another thing entirely. But hey! It could happen! This is like planning an anniversary vacation with your girlfriend who you know you're going to break up with in a week.

It's like the NBA is taunting us. Anyway, stay tuned for some "Sixers vs." opponents. I have a feeling they're going to play all of them this year!

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