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Elton Brand NOT Co-Producing Antoine Fuqua's "Tupac" Film

Update: I've received word from Morgan Creek Productions that Elton is in no way involved in this film. Variety has pulled its article as well. Something else is brewing though, and I'll bring that to you in the next day or two when the official release comes.

Previous: While some basketballers move overseas or do standup comedy during the lockout, Elton Brand has decided to continue pursuing his film aspirations. He has signed on to co-produce Tupac, a film about the iconic rapper directed by Antoine Fuqua of Training Day and most recently the Ethan Hawke pilot that didn't get network pickup "Exit Strategy".

Brand, who has some film experience as co-producer for Across the Hall and Rescue Dawn, will be working with Morgan Creek Productions on the Tupac Shakur film currently in development. The title has been previously known as "Thug Life" and "THE HATE U GAVE LITTLE INFANTS (expletive!) EVERYONE", which probably isn't quite theatrically appropriate enough for the PG rating this is sure to get. I'm guessing the title will stick at "Tupac" for marketing's sake.

Here's what EB had to say:

"Being a part of 'Rescue Dawn' was such a rewarding experience and I actually had my best season after working on the film so I'm really excited for this season -- if there is one."

It's good to see Elton keeping busy during unemployment. This seems like more of a Louis Williams movie but I guess Elton is a bigger Tupac fan than I thought. Either way, post your favorite Tupac song and semi-inappropriate title in the comments.

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