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The Ron Artest Comedy Tour: Attended, Blogged.

I have no particular feelings towards Metta WorldPeace (TAFKA Ron Artest), but being in Los Angeles, I couldn't pass up an opportunity to see him do what was being billed as "standup comedy". So on the spur of the moment, Rohan from At The Hive bought the tickets, I printed them out, and we were off.

After the experience that was the Ron-Ron comedy tour, Rohan and I scribbled something for the big boy site on Read the full article here, but this is a taste:

The introductory question and answer session -- wherein we learned that Artest changed his name because "Ron Artest was an asshole. Nobody can hate WorldPeace"  -- seemingly returned Metta to a comfort zone. Indeed, the spectacle resembled something not entirely dissimilar to a halftime reporter's interrogation; simply replace "how do you plan on keeping this lead?" with "what's the most orgasms you've had in a single night?"

If you've read this site enough, you can probably tell which stuff I wrote and what Rohan did. He's responsible for the more literate parts. If Artest comes to your town, I suggest you go simply for the novelty of it all.

Who'd be the best Sixer to do standup? I'd kind of what to see former Sixer Samuel Dalembert with the mic but if we're talking current, I think Lou would be the best (see: BOSS) though Speezy the most numbingly entertaining. Let's start a petition.

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