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NBA Lockout Fat Candidates: Marreese Speights

This is quite a news day for our little Marreese. According to The Huffington Post's Jordan Schultz, Marreese Speights is tied for the best odds at getting fat while the NBA Lockout keeps him off the court.

Marreese Speights (5/1): Speights is a talented player with a soft touch every big man covets, but that's not the only part of him that is soft. His body is also soft, as in softer than Charmin. I think he could win this race; I really do. He's got the look of Joey Chestnut who just happens to be 6'11", 255 pounds.

I don't know about the soft touch, but if his Twitter count is to be trusted (which we obviously know it to be), he's been rising and grinding on the reg. I do think it would be pretty hilarious if he comes back with some water weight. That way he'll be able to call it prejudice as to why Doug Collins doesn't play him!

Deron Williams is tied for Mo at 5/1 because of the cuisine in Turkey. Others who make the list include DeMarcus Cousins, Zach Randolph, Glen Davis, DeJuan Blair, Raymond Felton, and Carmelo Anthony. A rather harsh article to be sure, but it's the lockout - anything goes.

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