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Speezy Sez: Tweeting the Lockout Grind

There comes a time in every man's life when he has to abandon the youthful eccentricities that defined him in his pre-adulthood. A moment when he realizes that the playful ignorance and naivete are no longer fit for his age group. It's the realization that he needs to man up, put on a suit, and cut the crap. But today is not that day. Not for me, and certainly not for Marreese Speights. Speezy Sez 6: Lockout Edition.

Why it's not alot of women working with the FBI if they think they know everything .

Women have the deductive reasoning necessary to succeed as detectives. One time I lied to my mom and said I didn't eat the blueberry pie on the windowsill but she saw the blueberries on my face and knew I was lying. That's what I'm talking about, Mom!


killed her kid now she getting out of jail what kinda bs is that

Topical reference to prove I'm not completely cut off from society. In all seriousness though, Free Boosie.

Nathan's hotdog contest this ish is crazy

Hot Dogs are basically all I eat during the offseason. They're good for you though, which is why I come into camp in such great shape year after year.

This is the best gum

Top 10 gums.


Patty #Mayonnaise

If I could say what I really want to on twitter. Life would be way better.

(ed. note) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Good, I'm glad what you've been putting on Twitter is not what you want to say, but a more tame, public-accessible version of yourself. 

I didn't fall off I was just in a bad position last year, it was a minor set back to a major come back. Won't happen this year tho

I'm not fat, I'm big-boned!

U can erase my number, can unfollow me on twitter, u can delete me ur Facebook but no matter how hard u try u can't delete me from ur heart

"Casey, do you like scary movies?"

Finish the night thinking hard . Not good Gn

Thinking makes my brain hurt.

They got alot of stuff they got to do to fly a plane

Ooooooohhhhhhhhh buttons!

With nothing else to do in the Lockout, expect more Speezy Sez than you've gotten in the past few months. That may or may not be a terrible thing for the site.

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