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Sixers Day in the Lockout Life: Marreese Speights

With the NBA Lockout throwing everybody's schedules out of whack, players have already taken to Twitter to campaign for jobs. But with the job market still lingering around the "hopeless" mark, it's unlikely they'll get past the resume stage. Optimism aside, we'll be taking a look at just what each of our beloved Sixers players will be doing on a daily basis during the days/weeks/months while being locked out.

First up, who else but Marreese Speights.

7:30 am - Wake up to pee.

7:44 am - Finish pee and go back to sleep.

11:09 am - Eat a bowl of Apple Jacks but only the green ones. He manually took the orange ones out, not realizing they sold a "Green Only" box. He enjoys this.

12:00 pm - Borrow a basketball from a neighbor because he forgot to steal one from the practice facility before he got locked out.

12:10 pm - Practice passing.

12:11 pm - Shoot turnaround jumpers. High-five self after each made basket. Adjust underwear after each miss.

2:00 pm - Tweet about fat girls.

2:30 pm - Watch "The First Wives Club" on VHS.

4:13 pm - Take a Top 10 pre-dinner nap.

Find out what happens when he wakes up after the jump!

5:30 pm - Wake up from the nap sweaty. Change boxers.

6:15 pm - Microwave a Chicken Carbonara frozen dinner while counting the tiles on his ceiling.

7:00 pm - Be the only participant in a Free Boosie rally. The rally takes place in his basement.

8:46 pm - Eat some canned peaches.

8:48 pm - Drink the peach juice from the can. Spill some on his shirt.

9:00 pm - Forget that LOST ended already.

9:33 pm - Get in a public argument with a girl on Twitter about his penis size.

10:45 pm - Lose the argument.

11:30 pm - Watch Leno.

12:14 am - Fall asleep with the TV on and his hands down his pants.

And that's how Mo Speezy will be spending his days during the lockout. Who knew Speez was a Leno fan?

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