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NBA Lockout: Game of Chicken Begins

Time for sleepies.
Time for sleepies.

It's a lockout. The NBA, which hasn't locked out since the 1998-99 season, and its owners have told the players to bugger off until they reach a deal with the Players Association, which doesn't seem remotely close to going through. It looks like there's a good chance we won't be seeing basketball at the end of October like we are accustomed to seeing.

And for fans of basketball, that's disappointing. But you can be sure of a few things. And I will provide those things to you in numbered format.

  1. We at Liberty Ballers will not be locking out any of you....if you behave!
  2. We will be fighting through the Lockout with more just-barely-basketball-related things than you've ever seen. LB Drinking Game, Sixers as LOST characters, Basketball Sense Mathematical Formulas - the whole shebang.
  3. We'll always have the WNBA!

With the NFL locked up (but progressing!), the nation is going to have to adopt another sport for the contingent of people who think baseball is too boring to watch religiously. Maybe Extreme Foot Massaging will catch on. Jan DuMoncrieffe is an EFM prodigy. Any other sports I'm forgetting that could nab the spotlight in these uncertain times?

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