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Keeping Track of Andre Iguodala Rumors

The Sixers have been attention-starved in the past few days and decided to take some of the spotlight away from the Miami/Dallas NBA Finals. Between the flurry of Andre Iguodala trade rumors and news that the team will be getting sold, the Sixers are making some pre-draft noise in the offseason.

But if you're like me and have a tough time keeping track of each rumor, which according to Professor Dumbledore, "is more unlikely than the next", you'll appreciate a list of each of the proposed or theoretical deals as they come in. Well here it is, sorted by date of most recent rumor.

1. Hedo Turkoglu, Orlando Magic. Article.

The only positive that would come from an Iguodala-Turkoglu swap would be a ton of cap space in 2013. Hedo's contract expires the same time Elton Brand's does – one year before Iguodala's. I dislike this rumor on a lot of levels, but since it would set the Sixers up as a major free agency player in 2013 I'd consider it.

Likelihood? 4%

2. Monta Ellis, Golden State Warriors. Article. More. Even More.

Monta is also a terrible defender, and with a wingspan smaller than his height, it'd be tough for he and Jrue Holiday to match up against most backcourts in the league. The small forward void would open up a spot for ET in the starting lineup, but the cost of losing one of the most efficient wings in the league for possibly the highest-volume shooter this side of Turkish Allen Iverson may be too high.

Likelihood? 33%

3. Chris Kaman, Los Angeles Clippers. Article.

This seems like a lateral move for the Sixers. A salary dump but not a complete salary dump. Getting a big man but not one who'll be here for longer than a year, most likely. It's like they're doing their best to stay mediocre and nothing else.

Likelihood? 5%

4. Hedo Turkoglu, Jameer Nelson, Orlando Magic. Article.

"The least attractive offer the Sixers have received." Sixers would have to send somebody else back to Orlando to match salary. Possibly Andres Nocioni. But where would Jameer play, and what would that mean for Jrue Holiday?

Likelihood? 1%

5. ???, Cleveland Cavaliers. Article.

No players have been mentioned yet but they have the cap space to bring him in so it's certainly possible. If the Cavs add Kyrie Irving, Jonas Valanciunas and Andre Iguodala in one offseason, that's a pretty successful summer. I doubt they'd give up J.J. Hickson but I'm sure the Sixers are asking about him.

Likelihood? 6%

Thus far, it seems like the Ellis rumors hold the most validity. Things will keep popping up until and possibly beyond the draft. But I'm still holding out hope for a Wesley Johnson/#2 pick swap with the Timberwolves or an Omri Casspi/#7 deal with the Kings. As of now, it's unknown what Rod Thorn is looking for in an Andre trade. It does seem more likely than ever that Iguodala will get traded. But at this point, nothing would surprise me.

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