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Monta Ellis Can Score But He's Not a Good Scorer

On really bad teams, someone needs to score. The Golden State Warriors, are, have been, and will be a really bad team. But under coach Don Nelson, they were often in the top tier of teams in possessions per game, allowing them to score more points. And specifically, for Monta Ellis to take more shots.

Extensive scientific research has proven that the more shots a player takes, the more points he will score. It's kind of like Ricky Davis when he was on the Cavaliers with the likes of Dajuan Wagner, Tyrone Hill, and Bimbo Coles. No one else was going to score the ball, so he had to take 19 terrible shots per game at terribly inefficient percentages. People hate on Kevin Martin because all he does is score but at least he does it at generally high percentages.

With Ellis, that sort of ball-hogginess is what you're going to get. This Sixers team may not be the most efficient offense in the half-court, but what they don't need is an Iverson clone without the once-in-a-generation ability. Jrue Holiday needs the ball in his hands. Evan Turner is working to become an off-the-ball wing player. The soon-to-be overpaid Thaddeus Young will have more plays run for him. Ellis stunts all of that development without improving the team in the short- or long-term.

This is another instance of the Sixers moving laterally. Ellis is 1.5 years younger and making a bit less money than Andre Iguodala, and according to Hoopshype he's signed for the 2013/2014 season, which, as Jordan said, is the year after Elton Brand expires. With Andre, it's likely he wouldn't want to pick up his player option since he's been here forever and has indicated he doesn't particularly love the town. Ellis might want to hang around for that extra season, limiting our options in the 2013 free agency party.

It's like they're trying to save money while also half-rebuilding but winning now and getting a player the casual fan can get behind. If that sentence doesn't seem to make sense, it's because it doesn't. Trading the best wing defender in the league with a 3/1 assist to turnover ratio for another high usage rate player who can't defend or play within an offense doesn't make sense either. I'd rather trade 'Dre for an expiring contract and picks. Even Hedo Turkoglu wouldn't get in the way of the young core like Monte would.

The trade makes too much "basketball sense" not to make. In a way that will make us all nauseous, I'm fairly certain this deal will be done. Prepare for doomsday posts in the weeks leading up to the draft.

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