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LL: Nikola Vucevic Workout Video, Sixers Pre-Draft Workouts and Craig Brackins the Boxer

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Draft Express has a cool workout/interview video with big man Nikola Vucevic – a prospect the Sixers are reportedtly interested in

After working on his jumper, Vucevic spent some time working on his post moves. Nearly 42% of his offensive possessions came with his back to the basket last season, a number that will likely diminish at the next level as he fills a smaller role. Nonetheless, the USC product is working hard on his post-game, and has a number of quality moves over both shoulders. Showing promising footwork, Vucevic is one of the more versatile and polished offensive big men in this draft.


Kate Fagan of Deep Sixer has the latest on the Sixers pre-draft workouts:

After today's workout, the team made Witte available for comment. One interesting thing he said was that the Sixers (along with most teams selecting between 15-20) are having trouble getting guys into workouts because most guys think they're going to be off the board by then. Here's what Witte said: "It's amazing. I'm not a Mathematics major, but right now there are about 20-plus people thinking they are going in the Top 15. There's not a lot of separation, which I think lends itself to where there's a lot of people thinking they're going to go in front of us."

Witte also said that, because this draft doesn't have much separation, that the Sixers will likely draft for need. Here's that quote: "I think you make mistakes if the talent is equal and you have your rankings as a group are equal, then you look at need. When there is separation you can't make a mistake."


Fagan also has a feature on Craig Brackins taking up boxing this summer. 

"It's good for hand-eye, footwork and peripheral vision because have to watch out for punches so it's being aware, cautious," [Brackins] said on Monday after he worked out at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. "I think it can help on defense, understanding where your man is and where the help is coming from and being more aware."


Speaking of Brackins, check out his blog.


Check out Andre Iguodala and Evan Turner on Jimmy Kimmel if you missed it. Even if you saw it, check it out again. So awesome.


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