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RUMOR: Andre Iguodala to the Orlando Magic for Hedo Turkoglu?

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Jarrod Rudolph from Real GM wrote about it today.

The interesting thing about the Iguodala rumor is that the trade doesn't include Jameer Nelson, the one Magic player not named Howard that has value.

Hedo Turkoglu is the player the deal is rumored to be centered around.

At a glance, it really doesn't make sense for the Sixers. In fact, it's nuts when you look at the per year dollar amount of Turkoglu's contract. But if you look at it a little further you'll see that the Sixers stand to save around $22 million in the long run, maybe more depending on the new CBA, if they make deal that moves the length of Iguodala's contract.

It actually could work, which gives the rumor a little life.

This is probably my least favorite of all the Iguodala rumors. The only positive that would come from an Iguodala-Turkoglu swap would be a ton of cap space in 2013. Hedo's contract expires the same time Elton Brand's does – one year before Iguodala's. I dislike this rumor on a lot of levels, but since it would set the Sixers up as a major free agency player in 2013 I'd consider it. A year ago I wrote about the Summer of '13 and the importance of trading Iguodala before then.

What do you guys/girls think? Unfortunately I think we value Iguodala more than the rest of the league does. For as good of a player he is, no team seems eager to part with real value in exchange for him and his contract. For more on the whole Iguodala situation check out Derek's comprehensive piece from a few weeks ago.

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