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Jrue Holiday Twitter Name Vote

Yesterday, I told you that Jrue Holiday had one of the worst athlete Twitter names out there. With @YaBoyJHo11a, he's got the handle of a fourth grade boy's AOL screen name. Too many alternating upper case and lower case letters without enough substance. So I asked you to pick a better name for him, then we'd vote on the best one and send it to him in bulk to see if he'll change it. Here are your semi-finalists...

@SpeakinTheJruth - Soman319

Nothing too fancy here. A nice play off Jruth and Truth without stepping over the corny line. Soman, as a LB staple, gets some love for being awesome.

@TheJruth11 - Michael Levin

This is me. It's the opposite of fancy. Nickname+numbers=solid (derivative of b=s=b, obvs). This is the Kenneth Faried of Twitter handles. You know what you're going to get, but it's not going to change the world either.

@TheJruthWillSetYouFree - Gosu44

With only 13 comments on LB, Gosu hasn't really made himself known to the community here, but this is a cute play off the biblical reference and that works for some people. Jrue might not dig the length, but it works with the quote.

@YouCantHandleTheJruth - grego314

This was grego's first and only comment on LB. I don't know the fellow. But A Few Good Men is one of my favorite movies/plays and this is the only name that applies to Jrue's game. If voters (and Jrue) are looking for a name that can bring the funk on the court, this is the one.

Make your votes now in this very Jruth-heavy ballot. We will assemble afterwards and send Jrue a ton of tweets suggesting the change. For the good of the Sixers Twitter community...Vote or die, Ballers.