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RUMOR: Khloe Kardashian Killed Andre Iguodala for Lamar Odom Trade

Trade murderer?
Trade murderer?

Apparently the rumored pre-draft trade of Sixers malcontent Andre Iguodala for Lakers celeb Lamar Odom was nixed by Philly due to concerns about Lamar's reality show with his wife, famous for being less attractive than her sister. Alex Kennedy of Hoopsworld reports that the Sixers were worried he wouldn't be happy away from his family and the reality show.

This is reportedly the first time in history anything that ridiculous has caused a trade to fall through. Could you imagine if Moses Malone didn't get traded to the Sixers because he didn't want to watch M*A*S*H on the East Coast? Or if Kareem stayed with the Bucks because Los Angeles didn't have his favorite nightly news anchor? Welcome to 2011.

There's also a rumor floating around that Iguodala's LA-based agent Rob Pelinka is trying to get him traded to either the Lakers or Clippers because he wants him in his hometown. While Andre's food tastes would play well in the health-obsessed-friendly town of LA, I doubt his agent is pushing a city specifically for himself. Plus everyone knows Andre hates traffic. He couldn't handle the 405 coming home from practice.

(I like the title better if you cut out the "for Lamar Odom Trade". That certainly would be a headline.)

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