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NBA Lockout Links

Ken Berger of CBS Sports: Labor update as NBA heads for 'ugly' lockout

Commissioner David Stern last week disputed the union's assertion that owners have not shared "one iota" of their revenue sharing plan, and the upshot was this: not only can owners and players not agree on the league's financial losses, they cannot even agree whether revenue-sharing information has been shared with the players.

The owners and players are tentatively scheduled to convene in New York Wednesday and/or Thursday to take one final stab at making a deal. If enough progress is not made to at least prompt an extension of the negotiating deadline, owners are prepared to impose a lockout at 12:01 a.m. ET Friday.

More gloom and doom after the jump.

Kurt Helin of PBT: As NBA slides toward lockout, owners talk revenue sharing

The Lakers new local television contract that kicks in next seasons and will pay them upwards of $150 million a season, which is more than some teams will make in total revenue in a season. Yet, under the current system the Lakers have to share none of that money.


John Krolik of PBT: Lockout could have effect on team websites

If there is a lockout, team website editors will have to remove all mentions of current players from their websites, which puts all the men and women who work on those websites in a major bind. As the article mentions, about the only thing team websites will be able to feature during a lockout are mascots, cheerleaders, and charity events - but not charity events that mention current players. Just one more reason for fans to hope for a quick resolution to the NBA's current labor situation.


*Sixers-related news

Tom Moore of Philly Burbs: Thorn: No trades are imminent

Thorn later replied to a followup email wondering if that meant the new ownership has or hasn't nixed a proposed trade with this: "I'm not at liberty to comment on what the arrangements are between the perspective new owners and Mr. Snider (Sixers chairman Ed Snider)."


While the looming lockout stinks, at least we may have new owners and a new front office on the other side? /graps at straws

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