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Follow Our New Twitter Account; Like Us on Facebook

This past weekend I finally changed my personal Twitter handle from @LibertyBallers to @samsjordan. My reasoning: my tweets were 40% Sixers, 20% Astros, 40% nonsense. I didn't want all the folks looking for a Sixers-only Twitter to be bombarded with my personal tweets.

With that said, I created a new Twitter for the blog with the handle @Philly76ersBlog. I can assure you that this new Twitter account will only tweet Sixers-related tweets, including site updates and note-worthy NBA news if it has any effect whatsoever on the Sixers. Fear not, we'll still do our best to maintain a sense of humor – a necessity when discussing the Sixers in any capacity.

So go ahead and follow the new Liberty Ballers account if you haven't already. The goal is to make it the one place you can go to find any and all Sixers news, up-to-the-minute. Whether it's asinine trade rumors, pictures of Nikola Vucevic playing the keytar, or retweets of Mo Speezy's top 10 naps we'll have it for you at the new Twitter – minus all the Astros, Cowboys and Jersey Shore tweets. I also plan on doing bi-weekly or monthly giveaways on the new Twitter account so stay tuned for that as well.

You can also follow all the Liberty Ballers writers' personal accounts:

@samsjordan - I tweet about the Sixers, Astros, Cowboys, Fantasy Sports, Reality TV, Bill Simmons and baseball cards.

@Michael_Levin - the funniest of our writers. He tweets mostly Sixers and Phillies.

@tsteidel - Tanner rarely tweets, so follow him and harass him to tweet more.

@derekbodner - Derek, known for his outstanding college basketball analysis, tweets about the Sixers, Phillies, and college basketball.


You can also like our Facebook page. Honestly, there's no reason to like our Facebook page unless A) you don't have a Twitter, B) You're always on Facebook/never on Twitter, or C) you just want to support your favorite Sixers blog on the interwebs.

Now go, my children! Be free!

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