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Doug Collins to Meet With Sixers Players Pre-Lockout

With the July 1st deadline looming like an giraflephant (giraffe/elephant hybrid) over the NBA Draft and offseason moving and shaking, Doug Collins plans on meeting with his players in Los Angeles this coming week to discuss the future. Andre Iguodala, surely enough, is still one of those players.

We want Dre. No one is out there shopping Dre.

Just because he's not being shopped doesn't mean the Sixers are done with trying to move him before the season, pending there being an actual season. While the Sixers have been remarkably steadfast in their attempts to claim they want Iguodala on the Sixers next year, it's still likely that the management (Collins excluded) wants him gone. It has become more of a PR game than anything else about how and when to move him.

Doug will also be meeting with Elton Brand and Jrue Holiday, but one wonders if he's going to take the time seeing a little Dong as well? The image of Collins and Darius Songaila getting some LA sushi, talking business is a happy one. I'll actually be on a plane to Los Angeles Tuesday morning (I'm moving there!), so fingers crossed Doug is sitting next to me.

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