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2011 NBA Draft Updates: Bismack Biyombo; No Iguodala for Kings

Sounds like a back problem, paired with a buyout concerns opens the door for Bismack Biyombo falling a bit.

It sounds like Biyombo was flagged for a back issue, but it doesn't seem serious enough for him to drop past Detroit at No. 8 or Charlotte at No. 9. With that said, it's hard to believe that Toronto will take him No. 5 if there's an issue.

Under FIBA rules, Biyombo won't be able to sign an NBA contract until the buyout issue is settled. Given that under the current NBA rookie scale most of Biyombo's salary would have to go to the buyout, and that NBA teams can only contribute $500,000 toward a buyout, the issue could keep the Congolese big man out of the NBA for a season.

With that said, Sam Amick of NBA Confidential says a team in the lottery is not concerned with Biyombo's back issue.

Source from team in the lottery that is high on Bismack Biyombo says they're not concerned about reported back issue.


Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports reports the Kings expect to trade the 7th pick.

Kings have made it privately clear that they expect to trade 7th pick, sources say. "They're confident they have deal," one official says.

Putting two and two together, it sounds like another nice potential scenario for Andre Iguodala, but Sam Amick quickly shot down that possibility:

In case anyone wondered, I have been told the Kings are not in play for Andre Iguodala. He's not what they believe they need.


The Sixers may have serious competition for the number two pick, if they were ever in contention in the first place. Woj is reporting the Hawks are offering Josh Smith, with their sights set on Enes Kanter.

In a lust to draft center Enes Kanter, the Atlanta Hawks are trying to engage the Minnesota Timberwolves in discussions to trade Josh Smith(notes) for the No. 2 pick in Thursday's NBA draft, sources told Yahoo! Sports.


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