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The 2011 Liberty Ballers Draft Contest

Will this be the Sixers' selection with the 16th overall pick? And yes, I'm referring to Rick Barnes.
Will this be the Sixers' selection with the 16th overall pick? And yes, I'm referring to Rick Barnes.

Two years ago, the Kings blog Sactown Royalty put together a simple, yet fun activity during draft time to get the readers involved and create a little sense of friendly competition. This idea was something I've been wanting to try out on here ever since; a Draft Contest.

I had all the intent in the world to get one going for us here at Liberty Ballers last year, but the Sixers ended up with secondnd pick (and was pretty much a guarantee it would be Evan Turner) and no second round to get overly excited about. The contest would have been less interesting than that Rachel McAdams movie Morning Glory.

This year the Sixers have the 16th pick and also the 50th pick in the draft, not ideal but still sufficient enough to center a contest around.

So without further ado, here are the rules for the contest:

  • Within the comments section, give us your two guesses as to who the Sixers will select with the 16th and 50th overall picks in tonight's draft.
  • In case of a tie (1 out of 2 correct), the commenter who correctly guessed the 16th pick will get the victory. If there's still a tie after that, whoever posted his comment first will get the nod.
  • There is always a chance that not one of us will correctly guess any of the Sixers' picks tonight. In case that happens, list who you believe will be the top 5 picks. The person with the most correct guesses (order does not matter) will win. In case of a tie, the person who commented first gets the crown.
  • The deadline to post your predictions is 7:00 PM EST (the time the draft starts).

The winner of the contest will receive some Liberty Ballers swag, just as the winner of the 2011 Regular Season Prediction Contest will (and yes, I'm aware I haven't tallied those up yet). Have at it lads! Draft is just four hours away!

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