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Gauging NBA Draft Day Sixers Excitement

You've done the research. You've read every version and addendum to the mock drafts. You've followed along as international prospects rose up and subsequently down then back up the draft boards without actually doing anything. You probably haven't listened to the Liberty Ballers podcast (Hey!). You've watched ESPN analysts fumble over pronunciations and felt superior because you seek non-mainstream news. You are ready.

And now the NBA Draft is here, just a mere hours away. But this is the worst draft class in a decade. And with the new ownership coming in, it's having some slowing effect on the impending Andre Iguodala trade to one of 47 teams. And the draft is in Newark. All of these things are weighing heavily on your mind just two months after the Sixers fell to the Miami Heat in five games.

But this is the most exciting night of the year for basketball fans. Opening night is usually a Rust Display while players get their footing. The All-Star Game is more of a Dance Off than anything else. If the NBA Playoffs turn out to be great (like this one), a Game 7 is wildly entertaining but that can't be counted on. And March Madness has the most exciting weekend of the year but not one self-contained night. The draft has a dependable solidarity to it that gets my panties in a bunch year in and year out. And it's tonight.

Squash the rumors, forget about the lockout and just fly by the seat of your Corduroy's. Tell me your level of pumped-ness.

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