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2011 NBA Draft Sixers Thread

With the Draft set to begin in a half hour and the ESPN crew pulling out all the tricks so they can pretend they know all about Davis Bertans and Giorgi Shermadini, it's high time for an NBA Draft Thread up in this joint. So here she is. The Sixers have picks 16 and 50 and could be looking to move up or down depending on who you've talked to and how recently you talked to them.

The Pimp Your Prospect choices and draft order are after the jump and will be updated as each pick comes in. Any news, notes, guess, rumor, trade inkling, whiff, or piss into the wind - you can go ahead and post that in the comments. Or basically anything you'd like to discuss. Refresh yourself on everything that's gone up on the site the past few days but leave some time because there's a lot. Most importantly, here's the LB Big Board to check who the Sixers should be targeting if they stay put or move up.

Dive in.

Update 7:23 PM

Tanner, Derek, Mike, and Jordan are doing a Cover It Live chat throughout the draft. Join in with comments and questions!

Pimp Your Prospect

Michael Levin - Chandler Parsons

The Legend - Trey Thompkins

philsfreak6 / Mr.electric10 - Keith Benson

yosoysean - Malcolm Lee

dweebowitz / EREX21 - E'Twaun Moore

Matt Korman - Bojan Bogdanovic

reclinergm - Jon Leuer

jquint - Tyler Honeycutt

JoshuaR / wannabgm - Malcolm Thomas

mikesmd77 - Josh Harrellson

MBenzii - Damian Saunders

Jordan Sams - Shelvin Mack

clp2190 - Norris Cole

hart ford - Vernon Macklin

Aleemsay - Lavoy Allen

briztoon - Darius Morris


  1. Cleveland
  2. Minnesota
  3. Utah
  4. Cleveland
  5. Toronto
  6. Washington
  7. Charlotte
  8. Detroit
  9. Charlotte
  10. Sacramento
  11. Golden State
  12. Utah
  13. Phoenix
  14. Houston
  15. Indiana
  16. Philadelphia
  17. New York
  18. Washington
  19. Milwaukee
  20. Minnesota
  21. Portland
  22. Denver
  23. Houston
  24. Oklahoma City
  25. Boston
  26. Dallas
  27. New Jersey
  28. Chicago
  29. San Antonio
  30. Chicago
  31. Miami
  32. Cleveland
  33. Detroit
  34. Washington
  35. Sacramento
  36. New Jersey
  37. Los Angeles Clippers
  38. Houston
  39. Charlotte
  40. Milwaukee
  41. Los Angeles Lakers
  42. Indiana
  43. Chicago
  44. Golden State
  45. New Orleans
  46. Los Angeles Lakers
  47. Los Angeles Clippers
  48. Atlanta
  49. Memphis
  50. Philadelphia
  51. Portland
  52. Detroit
  53. Orlando
  54. Cleveland
  55. Boston
  56. Los Angeles Lakers
  57. Dallas
  58. Los Angeles Lakers
  59. San Antonio
  60. Sacramento

Updates to come!

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