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Keeping Up With the Andre Iguodala Trade Rumors Haiku Style

Andre Iguodala trade rumors have been rampant for decades it seems, but they've never been more real than they've been this month. Beginning on June 3 with the first formal rumor of Andre Iguodala for Hedo Turkoglu, and ending with the most recent rumor of Andre to the Wolves for the number two pick, like the Kardashians, the rumors are becoming more and more difficult to keep up with.

With the draft creeping closer and the looming lockout about a week away these rumors are going to be resolved soon, at least temporarily. Either something's going to happen, or it won't (Rod Thorn'd!). Since our thoughts on the trade are spread throughout various blog posts, thousands of tweets and now a podcast I thought it'd be cool idea to round up all the rumors, and assign my overall thoughts to each individual rumor in the shortest and sweetest way possible.

And there's nothing shorter or sweeter Haikus! After the jump, the five prominent rumors (with links to the original rumor posts), and a Haiku summarizing my current thoughts on each. For those who are unfamiliar with Haikus, it's 5,7,5 (syllables) baby! 

Andre Iguodala for Jameer Nelson and Hedo Turkoglu

MJ of Turkey

Hedo expires same as Brand


Andre Iguodala for Monta Ellis

Monta equals Lou

Too much Boss-ness for one team

Stupid, stupid trade

Andre Iguodala for Chris Kaman

Expiring Contract 

Still better than first two trades

Kaman has bad hair

Andre Iguodala for Lamar Odom and Ron Artest

Interesting trade

Odom is an expiring

But pass on Artest

Update: Now it's Iguodala for Odom and Luke Walton

Luke > QueensBridge 

Still just cap relief for 'Dre

I hate the Lakers

Andre Iguodala for the number two pick and stuff

Williams? Kanter? Yes!

It will not get much better

Let's make it happen


Update: Now it appears the Odom and Kaman talks are dead. Too bad Haikus are non-refundable.

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