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RUMOR: The NBA Draft is Today


According to multiple sources, the 2011 NBA Draft will be held tonight at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. Because Madison Square Garden is going through alleged "renovations", the event has been delegated to their armpitty second choice at the PRU. David Stern refused to comment on the todayness of said NBA Draft.

With all of the rumors, the posturing, and the outright lies, this draft is one of the more confusing ones I can recall. Without the top level talent that typically gets slotted into the top 5 or so picks, there is a veritable crapstorm of moves on the precipice of being made before the events conclude tonight. Jonas Valanciunas could go #2 or undrafted. Kemba Walker may opt out of the draft and run for President. Jimmer Fredette has already announced that he is interested in joining Shawn Bradley in the missionary (not the position). Nobody has any idea what the hell is going on!

And that's why it's awesome. We'll be here all day updating you on everything from the tectonic plate-shifting trade of Andre Iguodala (Cavs, Wolves, Lakers, Warriors, Clippers, Magic remain suitors) and the speculation about Rod Thorn's first draft as Sixers President. If the Sixers simply stay put, draft Markieff Morris and Norris Cole at picks 16 and 50, I will erupt with the unjust complacency of it all. But disappointment may just be the name of the game. So temper your hopes.

Derek and I will be on-hand at the Draft ready to provide you such valuable tidbits about the aroma coming from Tristan Thompson's breast pocket and the increasingly surprising size discrepancy between David Stern and Adam Silver. Now is as good of a time as ever to plug our Twitter accounts if you don't already follow us. @LibertyBallers, @Michael_Levin, @tsteidel, @derekbodner.

Post anything of note you find in the comments. Also, make known your favorite draft day snack! I vote thin mints. Strap in for the long haul. We'll take good care of you.

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