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Samuel Dalembert to the Miami Heat and Billy King's Draft Prowess

The biggest problem for the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals save for the otherworldliness and gravity-defiance of Dirk Nowitzki's fadeaway was their lack of a big man to match Tyson Chandler, Brendan Haywood (when healthy), and Dirk inside. Apparently, they're looking to old friend/foe Samuel Dalembert to fill the void at center for the upcoming "season".

The Heat have a mid-level exception that could be used on the 7-footer who got limited time in Sacramento when DeMarcus Cousins and injuries kept him off the court. Sam is the same player he was two years ago, so do you think he'd be a good fit with LeBron, Dwyane, and Chris? There's the off-chance that he decides to put the team on his back in crunch time - how much would the Big Three like that?

I think it'd be hilarious to watch LeBron talk to Sammy D on the court. Sure, they'd have a few nice oops to each other, but the image of LeBron grabbing Sammy and telling him to use his head is too good to pass up. He'd make the Heat a better team if he can stay healthy AND there will be a bunch of great photo ops on the court. I say Win-Win.

On a different note, Nets Daily has a piece about their first draft with old pal Billy King at the helm. I guess I forgot how much success Billy had drafting in the second round. Willie Green, Kyle Korver, Louis Williams, Todd MacCulloch - not Hall of Famers by any means, but solid value compared to who was drafted around them (no offense, Martynas Andriuskevicius).  Maybe he wasn't as bad as we thought he was? Save for the whole dolling out fat contracts part.

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