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Sixers and Lakers Talking Andre Iguodala for Lamar Odom, Ron Artest, Luke Walton?

Hey Khloe.
Hey Khloe.

Andre Iguodala has been the source of trade talks for years. SI's Sam Amick reports that now the Lakers are involved in the fun. With Lamar Odom in the last year of his contract worth $8.9 million, he could be an attractive piece for the Sixers while Los Angeles brings back Andre and his last three years worth $44 million.

To make the salaries match, the Lakers would have to add another player, which Amick has heard could be forward/crazy person Ron Artest. While Artest has three more years, it's for half of what Andre is owed and with an early termination option for 2013-14. Both Odom and Artest would qualify as the veterans that the Sixers front office want without losing too much talent giving away Andre.

Amick goes on to talk about the enigmatic #2 pick from the Minnesota Timberwolves, which has been discussed for Iguodala as well. We know that the Lakers are also interested in the second overall pick, so this could be a three-team trade waiting to happen. The words "definitely real" are involved. As far as rumors go, these are some exciting ones. What does this mean for Thaddeus Young? He'd be pretty redundant if Odom is here, even for just a season.

Analysis to come later, but this is a big honkin' bite of food for thought with 24 hours until David Stern approaches the podium. Wow.

Update: People talking Luke Walton instead of Ron Artest in the Lakers deal. Would still work salary-wise and (minus the ETO) save the Sixers a year of Ron-Ron. This would fill our Jason Kapono "Vanilla Off The Bench" quota.

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