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Berger: Jordan Hamilton the Sixers First Choice? Jonny Flynn Offered for Andre Iguodala?

I'm gonna be a Sixer?!
I'm gonna be a Sixer?!

Ken Berger of CBS Sports has a couple interesting tidbits regarding the Sixers in his latest 'draft buzz' article.

Jordan Hamilton appears headed to Philly with the 16th pick, and sources said Monday the Timberwolves have offered point guard Jonny Flynn in a package deal for swingman Andre Iguodala. Philadelphia officials, however, have let it be known that they are not interested in a salary-dump deal for Iguodala and want an impact veteran in return.

As for the Hamilton pick, I'll believe it when I see it. I've been on Jordan Hamilton since early December when I wrote this about him:

I love Jordan Hamilton as a fit next to Holiday and Turner. He's a 6'7" small forward from Texas and he's a lights out shooter. He's shooting 42% on three-pointers this season, while attempting six per game, and according to DX he's must more efficient in catch-and-shoot situations:

"Hamilton is a tremendously consistent shooter when he's left open in spot up situations-displaying very sound shooting form in the process. When given time and space, he is lights out."

He'd be a nice fit next to Holiday and Turner. He's not the greatest defender, but we have a handful of solid perimeter defenders. What we lack is a shooter with the size of Hamilton. He's also a solid rebounder and passer, so he can contribute in many ways.

I like Hamilton. I think he's a good fit and a solid player. However; I think there will be better options available when the Sixers select at 16. I also strongly dislike the idea of mentally committing to a player this early when you're drafting as low as the Sixers. Who knows what players will fall, what trade offers will present themselves, etc. If Berger is on to something with his bold Hamilton statement I believe that's a mistake on the Sixers' part, on a few separate levels. Hopefully both he, and I are reading too much into this.

Also, FYI, we'll have much more on prospects like Hamilton in the next 48-72 hours when the great minds here at Liberty Ballers collaborate on our annual college big board. A podcast to debate our big board rankings and discuss draft possibilities is also in order, so be on the lookout for that.


As for the Flynn bit, that's laughable. I don't understand the Sixers desire for a veteran in return for Iguodala. Draft picks. Young players. Expiring. It makes too much damn sense. We are however dealing with Rod Thorn and Mr. Basketball Sense himself though, so nothing surprises me anymore.


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