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NBA Draft 2011 - Pimp Your Prospect

While the first round is where you get the sizzle, there are enough prospects that fall through the cracks into the second round and beyond that make a career for themselves. In the 2011 NBA Draft, there's depth all the way from pick #10 to pick #60 and somebody really talented is going to get lost in the shuffle. It's your job to seek them out.

When we look back at the draft down the road, we're going to want to see who made the right calls about prospects. If people are experts, they should be right some of the time. This will be a chance for the experts and non-experts to get some credit next year for who they're picking to be a second round sleeper. Everyone will shower you with gifts and praise next year when your player has Gary Neal'd his way to a big role on a good team.

Rules: He has to be a second round prospect out of the Draft Express top 30, which can be found here. Don't say Kyrie Irving. That's not exactly going out on a limb. Only pimp ONE prospect - stick with your guy the whole way through and if the Sixers take him, you can feel all cuddly inside. I go with Jerel McNeal every year because I can't help myself but I'll refrain this time around.

So who ya got? I'm gonna go with Chandler Parsons. Not as a guy I necessarily want for the Sixers, but I have a feeling the kid's going to make a nice career for himself. DX currently has us taking Evan Turner's OSU teammate David Lighty in the second round. Certainly a possibility.


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